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Nature Play – Logs and Branches

by | Aug 12, 2023

There is true beauty in logs and log-based play items. Nature designs forms that we just can’t manufacture, and this is true with trees and their amazing natural forms of trunk and branches.

As we all know, the use of natural materials in playgrounds has so many benefits, in particular allowing children to reconnect with nature in our increasingly urbanized, manufactured, and highly structured world. It is also a truly sustainable product.

Play Workshop has built some amazing timber combination play structures, as well as a great many logs and branch combinations. We’ve used Red Ironbark, Grey Ironbark, Yellow Box, Spotted Gum, and White Cypress but can source and use other timbers of your choice and tint our oils to suit your required finish. We love the opportunities to mix things up and the opportunities designing with and building with these products are nearly endless.

With multiple sources and suppliers of logs and branches we can find just about anything to suit your project, whether small, straight lengths to massive forked logs, to something a little bit weird and interesting. For very specific requirements we will go to our suppliers and pick the logs to suit. We will often take photos for the client’s approval whilst on site before transporting to our Workshop. Picking logs and forked branches has to be one of the most fun things we do.

Once in our Silverwater (Sydney) workshop, we undertake the sanding, filling, oiling/painting and preparation for our clients.

Our workshop is a creative space, not a factory. We test and trial our ideas here and ask our carpenters and production staff to think creatively and offer feedback and advice. Each product or project is a collaborative process. We also welcome clients to meet with us here in Silverwater to see what we do, how we do it and to sit and discuss their ideas with us. We have a small but energetic design team ready to help. We are the ‘can-do’ company.

Explore your nature play possibilities. Our team is here to help, get in touch today.

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