About Us

About Us

Play Workshop is a creative team of play space makers who champion nature-based play equipment. We have a combined experience of over 70 years: designing, project managing and building unique playgrounds and spaces. Our team includes Designers/Architects, Engineers, Carpenters, Artists, and Project Managers.

At Play Workshop we are driven by designing natural equipment and play spaces that create adventure, excitement and smiles. Our play equipment enriches children through clever, imaginative and innovative design, maximising the immense value of play and creating wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Play Workshop is dedicated to helping like-minded playground designers to create amazing, unique, intelligent, inspired, high-quality, nature-based, Australian playgrounds.

We understand the need to connect creative thinkers with clever solutions. We want to share your dreams, trade ideas and deliver wonderful solutions.

Our Story

Play Workshop was established by Russell Troy in 2016. Russell wanted to expand on his experience and expertise within the Australian playground industry, creating a company that prioritised creativity and collaboration. During the early years of Play Workshop the recognition of nature as an important foundation for play developed into a growing need for natural play equipment. From this Play Workshop identified a need for play pieces that could be crafted to suit any site, utilising Australian timber that is locally sourced.

Play Workshop followed this opportunity to embrace nature play equipment and fell in love with the possibilities of natural materials. A lot of lessons were learnt along the way through hands-on timber crafting and how to bring our creative ideas to life. Natural timber is much heavier than other materials and the processing of raw logs requires more space and specific machinery. The solid timbers that we use require smart methods in handling and assembly. In terms of design, we have had to embrace the imperfect geometry of natural logs. The beauty of the material and its connection to nature has kept our team motivated in this journey. In response, demand for this nature play equipment grew as clients saw the immense possibilities of the product and the outstanding end results.

From simple log steppers to large timber play structures, Play Workshop now offers a comprehensive natural playground equipment range. Our highly skilled team is multi-disciplinary and we provide services for play equipment design, manufacture, delivery, and installation. We love to collaborate and discuss ideas, helping to bring our clients’ creative visions to life and achieve the best results for the end user. We want to reconnect with the natural environment as a natural part of play.

The Team

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