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Inclusive Side-by-SlideTM – Albert Park Cootamundra

by | Aug 13, 2023

Inclusive –  Beautiful – Locally designed and manufactured

Play Workshop introduces the Side-By-Slide. This truly inclusive slide has been designed in consultation with the playmakers at Touched by Olivia and parents of children who use mobility devices. 

When a child or parent using a mobility device has a carer to support transfer onto the slide and ride down with them how do they manage the transfer back onto the mobility device? Traditionally someone would have to bring the device back down to the bottom of the slide, creating a backlog of users at the top and creating a stressful situation at the bottom.

The Side by Slide has a side bay at the base with back support and a handle at the runout section. This allows users to sit safely whilst their wheels are returned from the top. The whole slide is extra width, allowing users to slide with carer support and plenty of room for both. The run out bay maximises the efficiency of the slide and creates a happy, inclusive play environment.

Additionally, to transfer from devices at the top we added a wedged platform at wheelchair height to the slide, a convenient height for all, with handles a plenty, so everyone can pull or push into position at the start section, hold on tight and be ready for action.

Prior to manufacture we had this slide design assessed and certified as compliant under AS4685. We love the final result so much that we’ve decided to patent it, trademark the name and tell Australia all about it.


As much as we love the Side-by-SlideTM, we also design, manufacture, and sell stainless steel slides of all types, shapes, and sizes. Stainless steel slides are not only  elegant but also extremely durable. They are a great choice for inclusive playgrounds because there is no static electricity created while sliding, meaning they don’t damage cochlear implants worn by children with hearing-impairments.

Play Workshop are based in Sydney, using Australian steel and manufacturing standards. We have practical lead-times unaffected by global supply chain risks, and we can customize your slide.

Play Workshop provides high-end, creative and practical solutions for our clients. We believe in providing a sustainable, low carbon footprint alternative, delivered in a timely fashion and doesn’t cost the earth.

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