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Designing Playspaces in Partnership with Schools

by | Aug 10, 2023

All too often clients are being sold products without having their wants and needs listened to. This one-sided experience takes away the control and design focus from schools. At Play Workshop, we provide expert guidance and genuine customer service to give this control back to schools, placing them at the centre of the design process and prioritising their specific needs.

Our structured, design-led approach is built on collaboration and consultation:

  1. Active listening

Being able to define a client’s needs is a problem half-solved. We aim to fully understand our valued clients. Play Workshop considers the playground construction area, design constraints, budget, and the client’s desired outcomes. We ask many questions and encourage our clients to do the same.

  1. Ideation

Ideas from initial conversations are then discussed between internal design staff, the school, and the end users. We help narrow down these ideas, creating a solid foundation for developing the playground’s concept equipment and layout. We aim for every school to embrace this process and feel ownership of their designs.

  1. Concept development

This is where the playground layout is formed. We assess the design practicalities and estimate probable costs. At this stage of the project, our collaborative ideas take form.

  1. Iterations

Creating different design iterations can take time, but tweaking the design is what separates a good design from a great one.

  1. Full design and quotation

This step includes final plans and renders, detailing for accurate quantities, pricing, and full quotation documents.

  1. Construct

At the end of the day, if the school is happy, so are we. From here, the client can start ordering and
we can start procuring, manufacturing, and planning the construction – we manage this in-house.

  1. Playtime

Play time! At sign off, we see our teamwork land as a final, built playground. It is an extremely rewarding process for both us and the school – something we can both take credit for and feel extremely proud of.

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